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> Cisco & PCI Compliance 2012/09/05

Cisco & PCI Compliance

Ever since people started paying with cards, security was the number one priority for card issuing companies. The companies launched 5 separate programs which were actually sets of standards aimed for the merchants. These merchants were supposed to meet these requirements in order to provide customers with a higher level of security.

> 10 Things You Can Do To Make Your Linux Hosted Website More Secure 2012/06/04

10. Get cooperation from your Linux host.

> Offsite Backups – Are they really necessary? 2012/06/04

Its painfully easy to take backups for granted: we simply assume that our data will always be there.

> How To Pick A Secure Web Host 2012/06/04

When looking for secure web hosting, especially for an eCommerce site, one of the most
important things to look for is security and PCI Compliance

> PCI Compliant Web Hosting 2012/06/04

If you have an online store and take credit cards, you and your web host are required to meet the PCI-DSS standards, there are many that do such as Penguin Web Hosting, a PCI Compliant Web Hosting provider.  These can get very confusing, as they contain a lot of gray area.  Here is some basic info you should know.

> How do you “really” find out if a Linux hosting plan is PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant? 2012/06/04

Well, you can ask them “are you PCI complaint?” However, you shouldn’t take their answer at face value.

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